The Courthouse • Mill Road • Oundle  Peterborough • PE8 4BW

Registered Charity No: 1179806

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Coronavirus effected CHAT's services?

We are continuing to operate to within the Coronavirus guidelines of the government and BACP. Our support for young people and families is especially needed at this time with the virus causing added anxiety amonst young people and impacting on wellbeing.

CHAT Youth Counselling is continuing to offer support to young people but in alternative forms. Please contact us to arrange a method of support which will suit you. This could be via email, phone or possibly Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

We have added a page to this website entitled Wellbeing Advice for further advice which some young pepole may find useful.

What geographic area do you cover?

The geographical area covered by CHAT Youth Counselling is wide. We support young people in  Oundle, Thrapston and the many surrounding villages throughout NE Northamptonshire.

The Counsellors work from the CHAT offices in the Courthouse, Oundle and also at the following schools; Prince William School, Oundle, Thrapston Primary, Kings Cliffe Endowed Primary. In addition, occasional work is undertaken at other primary schools in the north of East Northamptonshire.

What is counselling for young people?
CHAT provides the opportunity for a young person to talk to a professional with the aim of enhancing their wellbeing. The professional; a trained counsellor is a neutral party and not a part of their family or school life, allowing them the space to open up and be heard in a safe environment. The relationship that a young person develops with their counsellor can be very different to those they share with other adults in their life.
What is the counselling process?
CHAT offers all prospective young people a short assessment interview. This involves the young person talking with the counsellor and provides them with an opportunity to decide whether they wish to go ahead with the counselling or be offered an alternative means of support to meet their needs. As regular attendance is a crucial part of the counselling process, appointments will be agreed between the young person and the counsellor at this time. The young person should be prepared to commit to six sessions, which will be reviewed regularly to ensure we are meeting their needs. The counselling will take place in a designated room in our office base, at a local school or in an appropriate venue to be agreed.
What is Therapeutic Mentoring?
Sometimes talking alone is not easy for a young person and so with the use of other materials it may become easier to express themselves. We use a professionally qualified person who may use knitting, weaving, clay work or other artistic means to enable a young person to express their feelings.
Who runs & operates CHAT?
CHAT is managed by a group of volunteer Charity Trustees. The Trustees are local people with an interest and experience in counselling, youth work, local government or other relevant leadership or management experience. They are appointed at the AGM, which reviews the appointments annually.

The Trustees are supported by a Part-time Manager, undertaking the key
administrative tasks. The Charity employs two Part-time Counsellors and a Part-time Therapeutic Mentor.

Governance & Policy Documents?

CHAT Youth Counselling exists for the preservation and protection of the emotional and mental health of young people, aged from 9-25 years in Oundle, Thrapston and surrounding areas of North East Northamptonshire. CHAT is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which is a legal entity for not-for-profit organisations in the UK. Below is a copy of the Constitution as well as our Safeguarding, Privacy and Confidentiality Policies.

Child Protection Policy download iconCHAT Child Protection Policy

CHAT Privacy Policy download iconCHAT Privacy Policy

CHAT Confidentiality Policy download iconCHAT Confidentiality Policy


Can I see your Annual Report?
Yes, the latest annual report is available for download below.